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Add a watermark to your pictures for free. Protect your work, prove ownership, and feature your logo with a few simple clicks.

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Good things come in threes. Upload an image, add a watermark, and edit your picture for extra effect.

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Watermark images

Start uploading your work and protecting it with a few simple clicks. Make sure your brand stands out and gets the recognition it deserves. Put a watermark on your photos, art, and other promotional materials to make sure people know who you are. You can use any type of identifying mark for your brand, like your logo, your name, your mascot, or your signature. You can customize the font and pick from our huge font library.

How to watermark

Start by uploading your image. In the right-hand column select the sticker icon. At the bottom of the canvas, click on select image. Upload your logo and position it. Usually, a watermark is placed in the corner of a picture. To add a signature, click on the annotate icon in the right-hand column. Select the text tool to sign your work. Once you're done, go ahead and download your images.

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